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Dresses and mini-dresses for female staff

Female staff in dress or mini-dress

Mini-dresses which can be worn with or without leggings, with tights in winter or without in summer, just like normal, everday clothing. We have created a collection for the most slender and curviest physiques, with a matching sash or ribbon around the waist.

The individual models have been studied in detail to ensure comfort while working, with maximum flexibility in the back and arms. The result is a perfect combination of glamour and comfort in an outfit that moves away from the old-style professional clothing.

Female Staff With Dress Or Mini-dress and Leggings

The alternative for those who love wearing a dress, elegant or carefree, which can be matched with leggings, a t-shirt, ballerina or a sporty-chic shoes.

Choose your model by clicking on the photo.

Dresses and mini-dresses for female staff
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