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KiKimonos and gowns for hairdressers

Kimonos and gowns for hairdressers

Your clients, having high expectations of your salon, will immediately notice your new look. Providing them with luxurious accessories during their time in your salon is a priceless move. Pamper them by letting them wear our kimonos in fade-resistant satin, choosing the most suitable colour for your beauty center (there are many available colours in addition to the colours proposed in the photos). Combine the very large Cloe gowns in the same fabric and colour, with the Nora curled tulle gowns to give off a WOW factor during a show or an important event.


Ludovica or Aomori Kimono, Cloe gown with or without Nora gown. Different styles for different occasions: the common thread is our precious fade-resistant satinet. A tactile sensation without comparison.

Ludovica Bride Kimono

This is a simple but elegant garmet, radiant and exclusive, it caresses your body ... for your customers who are preparing for their most beautiful day...

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