Professional clothing for hairdressers and beauticians

Fashion In Professional Collection

The DRESS CODE is fundamental in Hair salons and in Beauty and Wellness Centres, making it easier for the beautician or stylist to make an impact through his own talent, high quality products, as well as through the particular style and detail of the salon itself - from the design and décor to the exclusive and relaxing atmosphere the clientele wants to experience.

Together we can create YOUR DRESS CODE, which unequivocally identifies your salon, the style message you want to communicate and an additional reason why a potential customer should CHOOSE YOU.
All our garments are made of very light, soft, fade-resistant and non-iron fabric.

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Studio7's new creations: We are always looking for innovation in style and materials to give the best to all our customers.

The Female Staff in Trouser Suit Or Skirt Suit

Trousers... for some, a must-have item, comfortable, letting you hide the graduated compression stocking. Studio7Creazioni, from its research and innovation in the hair and beauty professional-clothing sector, has created trousers and skirts with different lines that will let you move around freely without feeling restricted. And they have a common thread: GLAMOUR.

Female Staff With Dress Or Mini-dress

The alternative for those who love wearing a dress, elegant or carefree, which can be matched with leggings, a t-shirt, ballerina or a sporty-chic shoes.

Lo Staff Femminile Con L’abito O Il Miniabito E Leggins

Abbigliamento Professionale per Uomo

Principe Overcoat

One Size Elegance. A garment suitable for all types of movement.

Our Suits and Wraparound Skirts

UNIQUE SIZES so adaptable to your shape that they will seem tailor-made for each of you.

Accessories For Your Customers

Pamper your customers with kimonos and gowns in fade-resistant SATINET, a tactile sensation without comparison ... and considering that there is no limit to glamour, frame them in tulle, let them wear our Nora items... make them feel like a Queen.

Our Sponges

Request towels and sheets for your salon or beauty center.
Strictly produced and dyed in Italy, solid colour wash.

Le nostre spugne

Abbigliamento Professionale per Uomo


A line dedicated to men's clothing, because even men can finally choose Glamour garments that are comfortable, made from fade-resistant, non-iron fabric.

Beauty and Wellness Line

Tutti i modelli della linea Fashion In Professional possono essere realizzati nei colori della linea estetica e benessere

All models of the FASHION IN PROFESSIONAL Collection can be created in black, putty and earthy colours: sand, ivory and chocolate ... timeless sophistication mixed with spicy notes reminiscent of distant lands, to give your guests a moment of pure relaxation.